Yee Hong Palliative Care Hospice

Scarborough, Ontario


The Yee Hong Palliative Care Hospice is a pilot project for the Yee Hong organisation to expand their senior care services. The design aims to create a home-like environment while providing the most meaningful and dignified level of care to both the residents and their family members.

Situated in Toronto, the hospice has a total area of 10,000 square feet and contains 10 resident bedrooms. The project is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care as part of the Hospice Capital Program Policy and meets the Hospice Capital Program Design Standards. Part of the ground of floor of the existing and active long-term care facility was renovated to allow for the spatial requirements of the new hospice. The project involved extensive architectural, mechanical and electrical demolition and rebuild to adapt the existing institutional space and infrastructure of the long-term care facility into the home-like design of the new hospice. Constructed during the COVID-19 pandemic, a strict infection control plan was put in place to enable such construction alongside the occupied long-term care facility.

The hospice met all the design and construction schedule milestones through proper coordination among owners, project managers, consultants, and contractors.