Established in 1981, Larkin Architect Limited is an award-winning, full service architectural practice with a broad portfolio encompassing project planning, heritage restorations, renovations, additions, and the design of new buildings.  We offer clients a wide range of architectural and related services such as planning, programming, interior design, project management, and liturgical design for a variety of building types such as religious, educational, hospitality, health care, community, and social housing.  Every new commission is approached from first principles; every unique opportunity and challenge that invariably presents itself is engaged to create design solutions that are client-centred and project specific

At Larkin Architect Limited, our work is an expression of who we are, and our commitment to the design of spaces which support and enhance our clients’ ability to serve. LAL is a values based practice, with a focus on work that contributes to the dignity of the human person, their communities, and the environment. The niche focus of our architectural practice is largely driven by our passion for the way these values can shape a more just and sustainable human presence.

Stakeholder Engagement

It is a source of pride that amongst our projects there are no two that have taken the same approach or design. We take special care to learn and understand all of out clients’ unique needs, charism, and vision to deliver a project specific solution. It will be our goal to serve your community in a collaborative process that engages all stakeholders and empowers them to take proud ownership of the project. The act of design and construction can become an opportunity to build community and strengthen the expression of your unique vision.

Respect for Heritage

Through our experience with heritage structures we have come to recognize the importance of designing in partnership with existing buildings; to work with its features and anticipate its limitations. We are able to actively move between these various approaches to work with existing structures to preserve and protect valuable elements, but also adapt and sensitively add to provide necessary modifications.


Communication and transparency in the design and construction process are critical to ensuring the community continues to feel ownership of the space and any modifications. At various stages of the design process we will use a variety of tools to engage the client team and enable them to become confident, qualified, key decision makers. Ultimately we feel that strong communication between all stakeholders, including the owner, the architect, the engineers, and the contractor, allows for the most effective,transparent, and accountable process.


Larkin Architect Limited is dedicated to the construction of sustainable built environments. Small or large, LEED® credited goals or not, we approach all our projects with a serious eye towards sustainability and the long duration of the building’s service life. Seeking sustainable solutions that net our clients savings in operating costs over the long-term as well as limiting the project’s ecological footprint is the mandate of our office.